Making an epub out of Markdown files using pandoc

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Sometimes, you write stuff, and want to make an ebook out of it, and why not? If you've written your stuff in Markdown, here's a quick way to convert your file(s) to an epub!

Have you heard of tikzit?

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So? Have you heard about tikzit? No! Wonderful, I get to tell you a bit about it :)

Falsehoods programmers believe about identities

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A few years ago I read Falsehoods programmers believe about names and it kinda change my whole life as a coder. So many assumptions… so many fails…

How to write a parser in python with ply

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Parser writing can be tedious, and, more importantly a very difficult exercice.

A quick review about sexual hormones: SHT available for trans and cis women

Posted by: maria | in Biology, Hormones | 1 year, 11 months ago | 0 comments

I'd like to draw your attention that I'm in no way an expert in sexual hormones, however I do have a degree in Biology and Health and a strong and lasting interest in SHT available for trans women. This is the result of a review of different articles that I read in order to enhance my knowledge and to be a decent ally and a ressource person for transgender women around me.

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