Associative Life


Developer of Django applications

JeBiF - RSG France Oct 2017 - Nov 2018

Development of Django applications for JeBiF.

Board member

JeBiF - RSG France Dec 2017 - Jul 2018

I was both a board member in charge of communication and a developer of Django applications.

Code et éducation

Co-host of a coding workshop

RESET Jan 2017 - Jul 2017

I was co-host of a Python workshop for adult beginners.
We decided to teach programming through exercises that lead the coders to develop small textual games and based our curriculum on the Invent with Python book.


Django Girls Mar 2016 - Apr 2016

The aim of Django Girls is to organize workshops for (cis and trans) women in order to teach Django (and Python, HTML and CSS in the process).
I was a coach for an event and had three wonderful pupils.

Systèmes et réseaux

System and network administrator

Crans Dec 2011 - Oct 2016

I was a trainee then a system and network administrator in the student-run ISP (Internet Service Provider) that provides Internet on the ENS Cachan campus.
Besides providing the Internet to the whole campus, this association provides numerous Internet-based services such as email addresses, printing services, mailing-lists, forums, irc servers, …

Technical Seminars

Crans Oct 2012 - Oct 2016

I gave a number of technical seminars on various subjects such as GPG, shell and SSH, Python or on Monit (a monitoring service).

Vulgarisation scientifique

Workshop designer and leader

JeBiF Oct 2016 - Oct 2016

I created and animated two workshops for National Science Fair, the first one on postnatal development of Pokemons, and the second one on evolution of Pokemon both based on the famous game Pokemon Go.

Author and proofreader

Bioinfo-fr Dec 2013 - Aujourd'hui

I write & proofread articles for Bioinfo-fr, a French blog of bioinformatics popularization.
You can find my articles (in french) here.

Science et communication


Sciences Croustillantes Sep 2014 - Feb 2015

Science Croustillantes is a student-run association of the ENS Cachan that aims to organize short lectures on science.

Proudly propulsed by Django framework.
Code available Here.