Sports & Hobbies


When I was 13 years old, I took a 9 months long trip with an association called La Baleine Blanche, that aims to train young journalists (on water consumption, women's life conditions and terrestrial & under-sea naturalism). This trip was on Gib Sea 442 and I spent almost 9 months sailing it, watchstanding both by day and by night. When the 9 months ended I took Catamaran lessons and now am certified Level 3.


I'm currently trying to do more than 5 steps in a row.


Only vegetarian recipes ;)

Knitting and sewing

I've been sewing and knitting when I was a kid, and started doing it again in my late teen years.

Drawing and watercolor painting

I learned how to draw & watercolor when I was 13 years old during a 9 months trip as a young journalist in an association called La Baleine Blanche. I started drawing for fun in my late teen years and recently decided to put some of my work on the Internet.

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