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Let's Publish a Python Package

2021-10-05 tips-and-tricks Python

PyPi, short for Python Package Index, is the official third-party software repository for Python. PyPi allows users to access, search and filter ... Read More

Making an Epub Out of Markdown Files Using Pandoc

2021-01-04 tips-and-tricks Epub

Sometimes, you write stuff, and want to make an ebook out of it, and why not? If you’ve written your stuff in Markdown, here’s a quick way ... Read More

Have You Heard of Tikzit?

2020-12-04 LaTeX

So? Have you heard about tikzit? No! Wonderful, I get to tell you a bit about it :) To quote tikzit’s webpage: TikZiT is a super simple GUI ... Read More

Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Identities

2020-11-15 tips-and-tricks

A few years ago I read Falsehoods programmers believe about names and it kinda change my whole life as a coder. So many assumptions… so many fails… ... Read More

Let's write a Parser in Python With Ply

2020-05-11 Python

Parser writing can be tedious, and, more importantly a very difficult exercice. Whenever I have to write a parser in python (and it happens quite ... Read More

Let's do a matplotlibrc

2019-01-19 tips-and-tricks matplotlib

After some misadventures with matplotlib (misadventures due to the famous display errors, if you really need to know, if you don’t configure ... Read More

Latex Floats

2019-01-19 LaTeX

Floats, are, in a manner of speaking, elements that disrupt the text flow and are usually tables and figures. It is possible to define custom floats ... Read More

Deploying a Django Application

2018-12-29 sysadmin-stuff debian deploy nginx

This one is in french to help fellow french-spekears Vous avez codé un de vos premiers projets Django et vous êtes un peu perdu.e.s sur comment le ... Read More

Introduction to the Secondary Structure of Rnas Dihedral Angles and Interactions

2018-06-19 bioinformatics RNA

In a a previous article I mentionned the Protein Data Bank (PDB) that contains the atomic coordinates of some RNAs. The question now is: what kind of ... Read More

Introduction to the secondary structure of RNAs: representation

2018-06-17 bioinformatics RNA

Here’s some knowledge gathered during my internships. RNA (or ribonucleic acid) is a macromolecule that has a number of biological functions ... Read More